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I Crave My Whites

"It is the fresh start of a brand new year..."

I Crave My Whites

Christmas is full of colours and bright lights,

And so in January, I crave my whites,

The holiday season has overstimulated my senses,

And so I switch to January’s calm whites for my preferences.

I remove all the cheer I have enjoyed so much,

I take down the tree and the decorations and such.

I strip back to the peaceful and calm in my sights,

When I take out the colours and just leave my whites.

It is the fresh start of a brand new year,

It reminds me of clean laundry no smudges, no smears,

All light and peaceful, and fresh and brand new,

I think of all the possibilities to experience and do.

And so I prefer a calm, clean slate with my whites,

After all the bright Christmas colours and stimulating sights,

I take away all the items that shout holiday cheer,

And welcome in things peacefully for the start of a new year.

By Lise Parton


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