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Latest News!

February 27, 2024

At Last! pursuit:365 The Business Edition is published and available on Amazon!

Out today is the long-awaited next publication in Shelly Lynn Hughes author-colab! The Business Edition of pursuit:365, is out and packed with awe-inspiring stories from so many brilliant entrepreneurs. Pop on over to Amazon and pick up your copy! 

With a vast array of talented peeps from around the world, with the likes of Jim Pattison, Dr. Ann Kaplan, Bif Naked, Brain Cuban, Brian Jessel, Peter Karroll, Aaron Pritchett, Chief Clarence Louie, Austin Zelan, Mark Hayes...and more. And yes...I am grateful and honoured to be included as well. 



July 31, 2023

The full moon is coming and so is my book release!


Well, a big thanks goes out to all my book fans for their support and patience as I created and completed my latest novel!

At long last TROPICAL TRANSFORMATION is finally ready for publication and I am so excited! This book has been quite a journey, and it is amazing to be able now to offer it to you on Amazon as an eBook. Pop over to my BLOG and my BOOKSHELF pages for more details! Again...thank you, thank you, thank you. This book is another labour of love for me, and I really hope you enjoy it! 


May 5, 2023


My Q & A interview on the Pursuit:365 digital platform, is out today!

Do you have a book in you? Pop over to my Q & A interview today and see if there is something there to motivate and help you along. So many of us have amazing stories to tell, or something they wish to share with others. I just hope and pray I can give someone a little insight or a little support if that is their goal. Check it out...


March 24, 2023


Just a little update...

As you can see by my current posts this month, I am busy editing my latest manuscript again, Tropical Transformation. As always, I am having a blast, sleeves rolled up, as I work on my book. After a bit of a writing vacay over the past few months, with working now and then on this and that, I am back writing more poetry and a short, rhyming children's book. As for my novel, well...I am back at it, full speed ahead.

I appreciate all of you, my dear readers, for your patience and your support as you wait for me to finish all the work and publish my novel on Amazon. Thank you!

Have a fabulous Spring! Cheers! Lise



December 23, 2022

Happy Holidays and Thank you!

To all my loyal followers and supporters, thank you for believing in me with your kind support in my writing in 2022. I really appreciate your caring. I love to write, it is my passion, and I am delighted when my writing can brighten your day.


Currently, I have only published my books as eBooks, and it’s true, a book is a wonderful gift for the holidays. Unfortunately, in the case of an eBook on (where I do the bulk of my publishing) you cannot purchase an eBook to send the digital file to someone else. On the internet it says you can, but I contacted Chat directly when I tried to buy one of my own eBooks to gift to a family member for Christmas. I hope Amazon will create this convenience in the future, I did suggest it.


In any event, I thank you all for your kind support in 2022, and I look forward to writing and bringing more stories to life for you in 2023.


Happy Holidays, Happy New Years…and Cheers!  Lise


October 4, 2022



I write because I love it, I don't do it for the business of it, but I am missing opportunities for sales of my beautiful books that way, and so, I took a leap, I signed up to be part of the pursuit:365 publication for next year, the BUSINESS EDITION 2023. It is an amazing opportunity, much like the Pursuit:365 collaborative project that was launched this year. I am looking forward to what is involved as I move forward as a writer. 


As I recently attended the fabulous Wine Country Writer's Festival, and I am realizing I still have a lot of editing to do on my latest project, Tropical Transformation. I have put it down for a short time to let it simmer and will be back at it soon. In the meantime, I am writing some short pieces of poetry again, which was pretty much tabled as I wrote the first draft of my latest novel. I have to keep all my writing muscles working! 

Cheers! Lise



August 18, 2022


I have been furiously writing and have completed the first draft of a new book, Tropical Transformation! Read all about my journey so far on my BLOG page here.

An update for you on the Pursuit:365 book (I'm a co-author in this book)...well, it is very exciting to see this wonderful book in so many stores, why it is available in Barnes and Noble, Indigo Books, Target in the USA, and more! There was a book signing in a Chapters-Indigo in South Surrey, and more on the horizon. (I will try and attend a book signing at a city near me if they have one there, which I hear is in the works.) 

Stay tuned loyal peeps! 

Cheers! Lise



June 1, 2022


I am so excited to announce that the second edition of this amazing collaborative book is released on Amazon today! 

This book is an amazing project by Shelly Lynn Hughes and her amazing team to bring together 365 stories from 365 amazing humans that are co-authoring this book. People are coming from all walks of life, and each has a unique story in the pursuit of success, happiness and achievement. Some are recognizably famous peeps, and some are simply fabulous humans with a story to share. I am blessed and humbled to be one of the people featured in the book. I am May 5, Day 125 in the pages (if you are looking me up).

I can't wait to get my copy (already ordered) and read about all the peeps in this book! This is an amazing experience and I am delighted to be asked and be part of this project.

Get your copy today (while supplies last), on


May 13, 2022

My new eBook, Love, Magic & Mermaids is Published today!

After much hair-pulling and work, my eBook, Love, Magic & Mermaids is available today on Amazon! It has been a long time coming and I am thrilled to be finally able to release it today! 

For all you mermaid souls out there, I have the book for you! Written as a youth fantasy novella, there are twists and turns , including numerous spells cast, and there is, of course, a skulking Evil Beast lurking. Two young twins girls, who love dressing up as mermaids, are enjoying the seaside family vacation they are taking with their Great-Grandmother. Every night at bedtime she tells them a story about a mermaid princess! Come and get lost in the story with the girls, and find out what happens. Will love prevail between the mermaid princess and a human man? Is there a big secret we will find out about? 

I wrote and illustrated this story, which was a lot of hard work, and am delighted it finally made it out and into the world for you to read! I hope you enjoy my story, Love, Magic & Mermaids, which is available on Amazon as an eBook today!

Cheers! Lise




May 5, 2022

I'm published digitally in Pursuit 365's digital magazine, 'Fresh Magazine' today!

The Fresh Magazine link is here for you:

I feel incredibly blessed to be part of a collaboration of 364 co-Authors, in the upcoming print book, Pursuit:365 2022. The online magazine component connected to pursuit:365 is Fresh (Fresh Magazine), a fabulous digital magazine!

I am featured as May 5, 2022, Day 125. I am truly humbled to be featured in this collaboration with so many incredibly accomplished humans! My featured bio as an author is a wonderful life goal, and I am so excited for the release of the print book on June 1, 2022 on

Feel free to stop by to Fresh Magazine, and then, I truly think you will likely jump in to buy the Pursuit:365 print version to read about so many amazing people as they live their lives in 'the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement."



April 26, 2022


Another Book Launch for you today!

I am proud and delighted to be launching a new eBook today on This book, Your Power To Heal Is Real is a true labour of love because I wrote many of the affirmations and poems in the book as a means to help myself in my own healing journey, but, when I shared some of my pieces with others as they worked through their own healing for one reason or another, I discovered that others enjoyed and appreciated my written affirmations and poems. I consider this book my 'Companion Cheerleader' in self-healing, and I am so grateful to be now sharing it with you. 

Words are powerful, add a positive mindset and proactive care practises and you have some supportive materials to help you when you are recovering from an accident, injury or an operation. This book is a share from my heart to yours as a gift to help you on your healing journey. 

There are beautiful photographs accompanying the pieces for you to enjoy. I hope the support, ideas and suggestions found in my book help you as you heal. At launch I have priced my book at less than a dollar, so as to make my book an incredible value and more accessible. I really hope you enjoy it, and I am also hoping you would be kind enough to leave an honest review on Amazon. Thank you! 

Cheers...and happy healing! Lise


March 4, 2022

Book Launch Today!

I am very excited to be adding to my bookshelf today! I have released my short rhyming story, The Goblins, In the Walls,  as an eBook on Amazon. 

This short book, a poem, was inspired by a young man who, with his father, was trying to put up my fancy new wallpaper, and it just kept falling down. It was new, good-quality wallpaper going up on brand newly constructed walls. After 5 attempts we were all baffled. Ben had an idea as to why that was happening. I hope you enjoy this light, short read. I illustrated it myself, as well. 

I always feel truly blessed when I write something for someone, and this book is for you, Ben. Enjoy!

Cheers! Lise



February 1, 2022

Big News! I’m Part of the pursuit:365 Upcoming 2022 Book!


This year I am delighted to be part of a collaborative book called, ‘pursuit:365’. The 2022 book is to be published and launched on June 1, 2022, which is fitting for a day recognized as ‘National Say Something Nice Day’. 


Presented by Shelly Lynn Hughes and co-authored by 365 men and woman, it is a book designed to showcase stories from people in all walks of life, men and women “who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement.” (Cover excerpt from the 2021 pursuit:365 book)


Each story showcased, is a 365-word essay written by one of the 365 co-authors offering a unique story, with some sort of wisdom, life gem, unique perspective, success achieved, or overcome challenge as a gift for you to enjoy, or identify with, or learn from, or find comforting or inspiring. I am delighted this year to be part of this amazing book with so many incredible people. 


I kept my story light, offering information as to why the writer in me has thrived over the years. I share why I most likely got into writing, and how writing, especially ‘expressive writing’ can be an important tool in the toolbox of life. My goal was to share how important and how beautiful finding my calling as a writer is. 


My accomplishments, that is, my published books and works on Amazon, etc., are not specifically mentioned in my article, but the truth is, to be now, at this age, finding my wings and finally publishing, is truly a gift and a blessing in this golden stage of my life. 


I am delighted to be included in this book, and to stand page by page next to so many incredible humans. Stay tuned for the June 1, 2022 launch of this incredible book, which is certainly to be another best-seller on Amazon this year. 


Cheers! Lise




January 17, 2022:

Find My Short Story, My Dancing Queen Shoes, on


A very dear, long-time friend, and respected fellow writer, has a wonderful blog: On Monday, January 17, 2022, she has kindly posted a story I wrote for her new series, A Story From My Closet. Look for my submission titled, A Story From My Closet #6-Lise Parton, My Dancing Queen Shoes.


I have personally known Marilyn for years through our children, as they all went through school together. Now our kids have grown up to be successful young men in the tech industry. Originally, she and I would see each other over festive family and friend occasions and casually we chatted about our love for writing. She was already busy in the writing and publishing industry. She inspired and encouraged me to step up and do more with my writing. 


I have always been a huge fan of her accomplishments, as Marilyn is a prolific blogger and published author, with two fabulous books out, Life Outside The Box and The Wisdom Of Listening. (I highly recommend them both.) She also has a couple of websites and is an amazing interviewer and book reviewer. 


As a member of the fashion elite in downtown Vancouver, and interested in all things fashion, (as well as always looking fabulously fashion-forward in her own rite), in her new series, A Story From My Closet, Marilyn is creating a thread of wonderful stories people share about their memories with items of clothing. I decided to share my story about of a pair of shoes that I used to dance the night away in, at a time when I was single in the mid 1970’s. Unbelievably, I still have these fabulous shoes today, though now they are just displayed hanging by the heels on my bedroom door, as colourful reminders of my wild and crazy days when I danced to my heart’s content having fun and frolic in my early 20’s. I hope you pop over to Marilyn’s blog and check it out, and enjoy, too, some more wonderful stories shared by others. If you have a story from your closet to share, please let me know and I can connect you, or find Marilyn with the following links:


Website -

Instagram - @marilynrwilson

Facebook -

Blog -

Link'd -

Youtube -

Twitter - @oilobymarilyn

Cheer! Lise


January 15, 2022:

Thank you all for being so understanding as I get my site up and running. It's always a bit of a learning curve, but I am up for the challenge!

I am slowly populating the site with all sorts of things for you relating to my writing world. I am also adding another catagory where I will add tips about writing that might be helpful for you. Stay tuned for more content!

Have a great day!

Cheers! Lise


January 1, 2022:


It is officially my website launch, and I am delighted to welcome you in to share in my amazing writing world! I am very excited to finally have all my written and writing-related information in one spot for you to find! It has taken a long time to launch my written works out into the world, even though I have been writing most of my life. I have not shared my words by publishing until the past year or so, and it is amazing to let my stories and poetry out. I am grateful for those who have read my works and I have so enjoy hearing kind and positive feedback. Although, I also dabble in making jewelry, painting, and other creative endeavours, this site is primarily to showcase and connect you to my writing and my writing world.

I write in many genres, including children's stories and poetry, a youth fantasy short story, several adult poetry works, and a romance novel, so far. I have written stories and poems upon request, and for family and friends in celebration. One very powerful writing method is that I see myself as an 'expressive' writer. This  incredibly powerful form of writing has helped through many things in my life and I am truly grateful.

I have also digitally designed art and drawings that I offer on a variety of fun merchandise found as Print-On-Demand on  I offer merchandise in two stores there: 1) ladyofthelakebc and 2) LIPSpeaking. Find my lines ounder ladyofthelake, which includes lake and camping-related themes. In my shop, LIPSpeaking I offer Writing Warrior, Kissable Quotes, Poker Passion, and more. Shop online at your own convenience. 

Stay tuned for more of my writing to be published, as I have several pieces in the final stages!

Also, check out my other website:, where I share my stories, arts & crafts and poetry with you as I lived through amazing summers for over 57+ years at an off-grid cabin by a lake, nestled in a forest on the beautiful West Coast of BC. Enjoy!

I am so glad you stopped by!

Cheers! Lise

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