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Human Silence

As a city girl used to the hustle and bustle of noise with city life, I am grateful for the quiet I have found living in the country here...

Human Silence


It is the most blessed of silences,

The silence most precious in a modern world,

Human silence. 

The birds are chirping loudly,

Across the fields and gardens and orchards,

Sharing their cheerful songs.


The sun is shining brightly upon everything,

Casting warmth and encouraging new Spring growth,

And I am basking in the beauty of it, while hearing less.


As a city girl accustomed to the noise of people and cars,

And planes and buses and constant emergency vehicles,

The silence here in the country is glorious!


Every morning I awake to this silence,

Not the silence of Mother Nature and her chirping creatures,

But to the human silence of our modern world, and I am truly grateful.


By Lise Parton

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