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I am delighted to be presenting my library of published works to you. As I choose to write in several genres, I am sure there is one, if not more, wonderful selections for you to read and enjoy! Stay tuned for more books to come! Currently I am on, (plus Amazon markets worldwide), and on iTunes! Have a fabulous day! Cheers! Lise

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I am once again delighted to be featured with an esteemed group of co-authors in the Pursuit:365 series by Shelly Lynn Hughes. The Business Edition includes the likes of Jim Pattison, Dr. Ann Kaplan, Bif Naked, Brian Cuban, Brian Jessel, Peter Karroll, Aaron Pritchett, Chief Clarence Louie, Austin Zelan, Mark Hayes, and many more...

Leah has been living with loss and grief, and makes the decision to return to Hawaii, a place that has always held a certain amount of fondness for her with the Hawaiian culture both as a child and as an adult. She finds herself on a journey of unexpected self-discovery and romance as she vacations in this marvellous, tropical paradise. Come and find out what happens that will change Leah's world forever...and discover what is real and what is folklore...

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Celebrating individuals in the pursuit of happiness, success, and fulfillment - every day of the year.


Pursuit: 365 is a book project that serves to tell the stories of inspirational individuals who have overcome adversity in their pursuit of

achieving success, happiness, and fulfillment every day of the year - 365 stories in 365 words on 365 days.

Publisher and Co-Author Shelly Lynn Hughes believes everyone has a story, and that true inspiration comes from sharing those stories and finding value through listening. Pursuit:365 is a book meant to facilitate curiosity and generate the authentic connections required to facilitate a remarkable life.*

(*as described on

I'm a Co-Author!

Find me on page 125!

For all you mermaid souls at heart, I have written a tale of a mermaid princess who fell in love with a human. It's not your average mermaid love story, no, there are many twists and turns, that includes spells that were cast and some trouble with an Evil Beast, who was lurking. Will love prevail? What secrets are revealed to the two young twin girls as their Great-Grandmother reads to them every night? this lovely mermaid tale of Love, Magic & Mermaids...


Affirmations, poetry and prose to assist those of you who have had an accident, injury or an operation; an offering of supportive guidance from mindset and belief systems, to positive and proactive self-nurturing and care practices.

I consider this book my 'Companion Cheerleader' for self-healing. Please enjoy the beautiful photographs that accompany each piece. I wish you light and love as you travel through your healing journey! 

It was very puzzling, there just was no obvious reason why the fancy new wallpaper would not stay up on the walls of my brand-new house. Why did every night the wallpaper peel back and fall down? The young lad who was helping his father to put it up, had a thought, there just might be a very unusual thing happening, that involved some very unusual creatures. Of course, I was inpsired to write a short children's rhyming story about it!


Unplanned passion and romance break the serenity of Kathryn's quiet, lakeshore world when the handsome, top box-office actor, Robert St. James, becomes her new neighbour while studying for his next big role in an upcoming movie. Come and experience this steamy awakening, a heartwarming, contemporary romance that you don't want to miss.

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Come and enjoy my playful, poetic autobiography detailing my passion for poker over the past several years. The incredible game of Texas Hold'em has enriched my life through time spent with so many wonderful people. It is a game of constant practise, the building of skills, a dash of psychology, and occasionally, a sprinkle of help from Lady Luck. I share with you my many memories and my best hands, and offer you a place to find my designs of poker-related merchandise.


A magical adventure of treasure hunting and discovery. Find out what mystical being was found, and what magical powers he granted. Experience and learn about the creatures of this forest lake wilderness through the eyes of one young boy and his brother.

Is it possible? Is that the boot? Spring is arriving and Jacob's boot has been missing under that Mugo Pine bush for the Winter.  Based on a true story, Book 2 of THE BOOT MYSTERY might be solved by Jacob's brother, Andrew! Enjoy this rhyming story, it's a delightful read!


Wherever did Jacob's boot go under that Mugo Pine bush? Based on a true story about a young boy named, Jacob, this rhyming story is about a lad of 8 (now 9) who moved to a new home and goes out to explore life in his new front yard. As he was exploring, one of his boots came off and has completely disappeared! Now he cannot find it, and Jacob, along with everyone else wonders, where did it go? Why, it is a strange mystery! Written by request it is a short, delightful read.

Don't eat to live, live to eat! Take a tasty culinary journey with me as I share the tasty experience of eating several foods, as described through my poetry and prose. Why not try a mindful experiment alone or with a partner to increase your appreciation with eating! The book is full of beautiful photographs that accompany each piece! Come and enjoy, be an observer of a meal or two with me, awaken your senses, or find more pleasure in the simple act of eating your food.


Why is the loon on the lake named 'Jack?' Leona, his friend, is wondering just that. "Jack" hardly seems like a fitting name for a loon, what do you think, or is this question too soon? Come to read it and find out just that, why is the loon on the lake named 'Jack'? This delightful rhyming story is a fun and easy read, and nicely illustrated by the author, it is also a great story to read to your children.

Two very young brothers are once again having moments of sibling rivalry near Christmastime. Gerda, a magical tree, comes to help the boys recognize and appreciate the spirit of kindness and brotherly love. This is a lovely, short bedtime story to be read to children, especially around Christmas. 


A delightful children's bedtime story of what goes on in the night after everyone falls asleep. The children's toys all come alive and play, but this one night, just before Christmas, they are called upon to protect their family and home...Please listen to the audio introduction, and note that there is an Audio Bedtime Song at the end of the story to enjoy and share with your family.


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