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Abracadabra, is not how this is done, your healing journey, has just begun...

(an excerpt from my book, Your Power To Heal is Real)




Is not how this is done,

Your healing journey,

Has just begun.

There is no way,

To wiggle your nose and you're healed,

It takes time and some work,

Before this deal will be sealed.

There is no magic formula,

No snake oil to try,

No 'straight as an arrow' way,

To reach the bull's eye.

The reality is,

There's much work to do,

And everything takes time,

For you to heal through.

Every day you wake up,

Focus and work on the plan,

Nurture your mind and your body,

So you can fully mend.

Just remember this fact,

"This too shall pass",

You will recover to live on,

You must stay focused on that.

by Lise Parton

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