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What Inspires Me...

“Find inspiration everywhere...and then, write about it, I know I have to! “

Truthfully, what inspires me every day, is life! As simplistic as this may sound, in the 86,400 seconds of each day (minus sleep), there are multiple, beautiful moments of inspiration in my world. As a human who appreciates life, I am easily able to focus on one moment, one thought, one idea, one challenge, one delight, in the plethora available, and then, I write about it!

I consider myself an 'expressive' writer, a storyteller, and a 'playful' poet. Firstly, I use my writer-gift-of-the-gab to express myself, especially when I am life-challenged, trying to cope with something, or work through something. Alternately, on the positive side, I write to express celebration, or to share a wonderful moment in time with others. I am blessed to be able to reach inside and pull out my raw emotions and then form them into words and sentences. Secondly, I love to tell a story, either fiction or non-fiction, and therefore, love to draw others into a story with me, to take them along on a journey of escape, or delight, or adventure. My inner child is especially fond of fairy tales and the magic of make-believe. I am not limited to writing and reading in any one particular genre. Lastly, though not any less important, I consider myself a ‘playful’ poet. I love to write simple, playful rhyming poetry. I am easily able to think in short, playful, rhyming ways that surface multiple times a day in the middle of whatever it is I’m doing. For quite some time now, I cannot remember the last time I accomplished a task without me thinking about it in some sort of rhythmic form. My writing coach has revealed that my poetry style is somewhat “Seuss-like for adults”. I laughed at that assessment, but I think she was dead-on in her observation of my poetic writing style, (minus the invented imaginary creatures and vocabulary that Dr. Seuss is so individually and creatively famous for.)

I am a lover of people, nature, and am a highly creative human. I’m an empath, and so I somehow am easily tuned in to other people and their thoughts and energy. I am also a Reiki Master and attuned to energy in many forms, as a highly spiritual being, I am lovingly at home and at one with Mother Nature herself. For many years, I was blessed to have a tiny, seasonal, off-grid cabin on a lake, and I was always at home in the wilds of my BC Westcoast forest, with all its wonderful creatures, and on, or in, my clear, beautiful, freshwater lake. The 57 years I spent there were a deep pool of rich inspiration every day, and yes, I finally developed a website and blog about that wonderful, special place. Find my stories, pictures, arts and crafts and poetry about the lake at:

I have also been very dearly inspired by my two boys, Spencer and Sean, and many of the stories, poems and wonderful pieces I wrote were inspired by those two amazing young men. Even though one has stepped away, he will always be held dear inside my heart. I love both my boys very much.

As a people-person and a creative human, I find that people around me, family, friends and new human acquaintances, always to be a rich source of inspiration. We are, after all, in this life together, in one way or another.

I am delighted that you to have taken precious time from your day to stop by and read or listen to what I have to share with you in my stories, my written pieces and in my poetry. I hope I have somehow brightened your day, by sharing some of my world with you. Thank you, and enjoy...

Cheers! Lise



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