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Stories Behind The Stories-Love, Magic & Mermaids

"Love, Magic & Mermaids is a magical story inspired by the current like-minded mermaid souls in my life, but also, as a result of the youthful inspirations I carried within me at a time in my life wherein my mermaid soul was flourishing, at my lake in summers as a young girl..."

Love, Magic & Mermaids

I would like to share here the Dedication of my newly released eBook, Love, Magic & Mermaids. As I share in my series the Stories Behind The Stories, snippets about each book I’ve written over the years, on this blog, I feel like I am sharing little pieces of me, tiny moments of inspirations that I can freely share with you, so that you can know how and why I create the wonderful stories and poems I feel truly blessed to be able to write and send out into the world. Sometimes my reasons for writing will simply interest or delightfully entertain you, or, if I’m lucky, my reasons for writing will possibly inspire you in some way.

This book was a truly a labour of love, and I felt like I had to mention a few special people in my book dedication.



I dedicate this to all the believers who know that love is the greatest gift of all that we seek. I dedicate to those who believe in the magic of stories, fairytales and things we may not always see with our own eyes, but they bring us hope, joy, and playful possibilities. And I would like to dedicate this to the humans in my life who have the soul of mermaids, my best friend, Lee, and two, very special young ladies I know.

As a youngster, I often imagined myself as a lake mermaid, as I playfully spent hour after hour in a very special, remote, fresh-water lake amongst one of our beautiful BC West Coast forests.

May you, your children, or those young at heart in your life enjoy my wonderful magical mermaid tale…


Love, Magic & Mermaids was a two-year+ project, and admittedly, was a lot of work. Not so much for the writing of the story, (I was very inspired for this tale), but for the accompanying digital art I created myself, to bring the illustrations to the pages I felt would enrich my book. Each digital drawing was hours of work, because I struggled creating many of the pieces. I consider myself ‘creative’, and I do paint with acrylics on occasion, but digital drawing has been a new thing for me, and I have experienced many growing pains. I’m certainly not a young woman, but, sometimes I feel young and confident enough to tackle things that are more of a tougher learning curve. I love the visual aspects of including pictures or illustrations in my works, as I feel they bring more of my story to life for you, my dear readers, and so, I have learned, all be it ‘two steps forward, and one step back’, to digitally draw on my iPad to illustrate some of my books. In trying to complete this project, I somehow ran into a huge roadblock, as I was having a heck of a time getting the digital illustrations to upload to Amazon when my eBook manuscript was ready to go. Even the support fellow I spoke to there could not figure out why I was having trouble uploading. He offered suggestions, of course, and some guideline requirements, all things I had considered, and, in my previous experiences had not had problems with.

I’m guessing you might have figured out by now that I’m a tad bit stubborn, and I wanted to learn this and complete this by myself, even though I will admit I am blessed to be surrounded by so many creative humans in my writing circles, wherein I could have easily picked up the phone or emailed in the expertise of an editor or book specialist to help me solve the dilemma. The other quirk about me, I am more proud to point out, is that I like to learn new things every day, and so I consider myself a bit of a ‘sponge’ when it comes to rolling up my sleeves and stubbornly digging in to learn something new, even if I am stumbling my way through the learning curve. Truth be known, I don’t know how many times I have heard peeps in the know say things like, “it’s pretty simple, you just have to tweak it, and try and fiddle with your computer, (your program, your manuscript, your drawing, your sizing, blah, blah, blah) and you will figure it out”. Ya, right! It’s not always that simple for this old gal!

In the end, I persevered, every day, for several days in truth, until I got it! Whew! And then there she was, my over two years+ project, up on Amazon for me to share with other like-minded mermaid souls and readers!

So, from a gal who loves magic and mermaids, and a gal who loves love, and from a gal who swam as a child delighting in the feeling of playing in the water imagining so many stories in the wild on a lake, and from a gal who knows more than one like-minded mermaid soul, young ones and slightly older ones, too, here is my book (finally) for you to enjoy!

I certainly hope you find wonderful moments reading my youth novella, Love, Magic & Mermaids, available now for download, on multiple Amazon markets. Thanking you, in advance, and please be kind and take a moment to leave an honest rating, if you will!

Have a wonderful ‘get lost in a magical story’ day! Cheers! Lise



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