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Roasting Marshmallow Treats on the Campfire

"Flames lick at the end of my long, slightly green wooden stick..."


I think of all the wonderful times around a campfire with family and friends over the years. This weekend there are celebrations in Canada (Canada Day), and in the US (Independence Day) and I am imagining lots of happy people sharing times around a campfire in North America celebrating and laughing. I also see many roasting their fair share of ooey-gooey, sugary marshmallows.

I am taking the opportunity today to share one of my poems from my book, Tasty Treasures & Edible Pleasures. You can find the complete book, as an eBook available on I hope you enjoy the sweet images that come to mind as you enjoy it...

Roasting Marshmallow Treats On The Campfire

Flames lick at the end of my long, slightly green, wooden stick, As my puffy white sugared treat hangs on, There is a method to the slow marshmallow roast, Roll, turn, enter the heat, pull back, and repeat. Laughter rings forth from the circle of happy participants, With sticky fingers, and sweet lips we sit around the open flames, Sticks bobbing in and out, some over quiet sections of new glowing embers, Where flames have settled, perfect now for slow-roasting my treats. Laughter rings as the sound of sizzling sugar, Is heard by my fire mate who has immediately retracted his stick, Yellow flames flash off the burning sugared treat, And he blows out the hot, dancing, sizzling flames. A black sugary drooping bulb clings to his stick, He blows on it to cool it’s burning, hot sweetness, The anticipation of shortly popping it into his mouth, Is clearly evident on his happy, smiling face. I watch as he finally pulls off the top layer, Of a black stiffened hood of burned sugar, Instantly the black marshmallow cap, Disappears delightfully into his awaiting mouth. He returns the remaining small, white sticky ball, Into the flames once again, His goal is to reignite the remaining little sugared globe, He is obviously a ‘burner’ and not a ‘roaster’ like myself. As I watch with amusement and anticipation, Of my eating and enjoying my own marshmallow treat, I roll and rotate, I pull my stick in and out near to the glowing embers, Until mine is a slightly swollen, golden globe of beckoning sugar. Mine is now perfect in its colour, shape and texture for me, I blow on it to slightly to lower its temperature, And then I pull off my evenly golden roasted ball of sugary treat, Under the watchful eye of my audience, my circle of fire mates. I now taste my highly anticipated reward, Closing my mouth around the slightly stiffened golden casing, As the softness flows out of my tasty treat, And squishes inside my mouth where my taste buds are extremely grateful. As laughter continues and the fire settles down into a glowing circle, My friends and I feel the warm glow of friendship, And the buzz from the sugary rite of passage, As we feel grateful and happy for our time around the campfire this night.

by Lise Parton

*photo courtesy of leon contreras on unsplash

The link to Tasty Treasures & Edible Pleasures on Amazon:



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