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Pursuit:365 Book-Prelaunch Thoughts

"It’s pretty exciting to be part of this collaborative adventure, because it somehow feels like another ‘win’ in the pursuit of a successful and happy life..."

Pursuit:365 Prelaunch Thoughts

It’s pretty exciting to be part of this collaborative adventure, because it somehow feels like another ‘win’ in the pursuit of a successful and happy life to be on the pages of a book next to so many amazing humans.

The 2022 (2nd) book edition of Pursuit:365 is about to launch tomorrow, June 1st. It is the child of Shelly Lynn Hughes backed by an amazing team, and features one person per page, representing each day, for a total of 365 people for 2022.

On the eve of its launch I feel a gamut of emotions…excitement, joy, gratitude, achievement, mixed in with a smidgeon of disbelief. In all honesty, I am humbled to be part of project next to so many amazing people from all walks of life. Some are famous, and well-known, for sure, but many are simply unique humans who have found their way in life doing something, or sharing something, with all of us, in a way that interests, supports or inspires us with their stories.

The 2021 edition featured only women, but this edition opened up to include both men and women, and I can’t wait to read about all the co-authors in this book. (I am Day 125 in the book, representing May 5th, if you are looking for me amongst the pages of your copy).

As a writer, my pursuit to success, happiness and achievement has been found in my passion, which is writing. I have been blessed to be able to spend this chapter of my life creating more stories and poems, but am now finally publishing many that were already written but need to go out into the world to share. I currently am publishing in digital eBook format, but hope to release my books in print at a later date. I am offering my books on Amazon (with my first one published on iBooks). (See my Bookshelf page on this site for the links and information to my published works).

My writing has been a dear, lifelong friend, for I have been very grateful to have my writing through the good times and the bad times in my life over the years as a pocket therapist and bestie; but also, I have been able to write to express my rich imagination through my many stories and poetry. For those of you who know me and are familiar with my work, you know I write for many reasons and in many genres, everything from pieces for children, youth and adults, in story or in rhyming forms, through fiction and non-fiction means. I write fairy tales and fantasy, (examples, The Magic Stick, and Love, Magic & Mermaids), to adult romance, (Act One Willow Beach). I write poetry for children, (There’s A Loon On The Lake, The Boot Under The Bush, Could It Be? Is That The Boot I See?), to adult poetry, (Tasty Treasure & Edible Pleasures, The Rhythm of Poker), for example. One of my latest books, Your Power To Heal Is Real is more of a ‘Companion Cheerleader’, a book to help and support you if you are in a healing journey after an illness, accident or injury.

Even with all my writing accomplishments, I still feel humbled by the caliber of people that I am on the pages next to in the Pursuit:365 book. There are just so many interesting and accomplished people. I can’t wait to read about them all, and am looking forward to getting a copy of this book into my own hands!

Thanks again to Shelly and the team for this opportunity!

Cheers to a successful book launch tomorrow, June 1st!




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