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My Novel Is Now Available on Amazon For You!

I am elated to announce that my latest novel, Tropical Transformation is now available for an eBook upload on Amazon!

I am over the moon (pun intended) to share my latest work, an adult fantasy romance, Tropical Transformation! This novel has been a special project for about the last three years, and I am so happy to release it at last. I did release it on the first full moon this month (yes, there is two in August), because of the significance of the full moon in my story.

Just one little hurdle seems to be looming, that I have to explain with you. As of the date of it's release, August 1st, 2023, when you search my name or my book title on Amazon under All Departments, it states there are 12 results for my books published, but only shows my previous 11 books and one book by another author with the same first name as myself. Weird. If you search my name or my new book title under Kindle or Books the list of offered books does include my latest works, Tropical Transformation. Try as I might in the past 24 hours I cannot figure out how to get Amazon to fix this glitch. There just isn't a subject in customer service that will seem to fix this error on their end. I'm still working on it.

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for Amazon and all they have to offer me. I am a fan for shopping with Amazon because I live in a small town and cannot get lots of items I need. I also am truly grateful for their platform, Kindle, and the ability to be able to publish my eBooks. Thank you Amazon. However, this search issue will affect my sales, I am sure, because it is not as easy to find my latest book for all of you, dear readers. Just know that the new book is available for download, as I did find it myself and download and pay for my own copy to test it out.

I really hope you enjoy my latest book. It is the perfect 'beach read' for anyone in the market for one...

Cheers...and happy reading! Lise



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