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Multifaceted Creatives

We grow and evolve as humans day by day, and those of us who identify as ‘creatives’ also sprout and grow where life inspires us.

I celebrate and feel truly blessed to have finally recognized that my bliss, at this stage of my life, is writing, with poetry and storytelling my passion front and centre. Each day I wake up excited to pull words out of my busy mind assisted by life’s generous offerings and experiences. However, once in a while, another creative tug pokes at me, as I see something, that intrigues me, or I see something that I can try, or I see something that I want, but I feel I have the ability to make it for myself, or improve it, rather than buy it. Sometimes I just take an idea or a thing and tweak it to make it personally exciting for me. And then, off I go on a creative tangent, down a new path for a time, and away from my writing. It’s a little like going on vacation because you know you are out there enjoying something new, but will return home again soon.

Lately, I have been on that very thing, a ‘writing vacation’, that is to say, I have been creating and crafting, doing some personal spiritual work (to help and teach a friend), all which has taken me temporarily away from my daily writing projects. That is not to say, that my poetry inspirations are silenced, for I am popping one or two out now and then even as I am on my ‘vacay’. However, my latest novel is resting and another story I have started is simmering, and so, I have been doing new creative endevours for the past several weeks.

Life is like that for me, inspiration is not a regularly scheduled activity, it just arrives. Although my writing time is a daily habit I have gladly created, for the most part, with time slots where I am completely dedicated to my craft, there are still random periods, like now, when I need to take time off, or a vacay, if you will, to let myself feel and experience new things with which I can learn from and grow in new directions. These new things inevitably feed my soul, and later my writing, as I move forward. It is refreshing and exciting to sprinkle new things into my life!

So please be patient with me as you wait for my new novel, or my next project to surface, for I am out experiencing new things, or taking a breath and recharging before I return to my passionate craft…and that is a good thing, for it will bring richness to both my life and my stories perhaps for you to enjoy later…

Cheers! Lise



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