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Happy New Year 2024!

I sincerely wish all of you, dear readers, a positive, happy, healthy and successful 2024, filled with confidence, love, kindness and gratitude...


2023 is wrapping up and 2024 is just around the corner. I am certainly glad to say, "goodbye" to this year, personally it has been exceptionally hard, in a lot of ways. All I can do is put on my happy face, raise my chin up, and look forward to a better 2024.

The reality of life is that many of us are facing personal challenges… the world is facing challenges, heck, even the weather is facing challenges, and all these things can affect us. The best thing we can do is to try and be positive and take steps to manifest a brighter future, day by day, one step at a time.

I want to mention that the greeting, "Happy New Year" is a common societal statement, frequently asked with a generally honest intent, but the reality for so many is that this can be tough time of the year.

My advice today...cherish the best moments and positive memories created in each day. Feed your soul with things that uplift you and possibly, uplift those around you. Take the little wins and celebrate them whenever possible. Every little bit helps.

Throughout this very tough time for me, I have managed to stay afloat by reaching into my personal resources, and doing the activities that lift me up, such as my writing. I am also connecting with family and friends that were, and are, there for me. I sincerely thank each and everyone of them from the bottom of my heart. I also had to learn things, (the hard way), like patience, tolerance, and acceptance...and learn that we are often not in control of our lives due to unforeseen events and circumstances.

What always gets me through is my ability to write, where I apply the beautifully creative part of me to express myself and help me navigate through anything. Being able to express myself and navigate through the tough days has been invaluable, and I am always suggesting to you, when times are tough, pick up a pen, or a device, and write everything you are feeling down to let it all out. Best therapy ever…

I will stay optimistic and hope for a better year in 2024, for myself, and for any of you that are facing personal challenges. I will keep my chin up and keep moving forward, and I am now sending out good energy and good vibes to all of you.

As for my writing always, I have several on the go, and each day I do wake up with the excitement to delve into one of them with zest, and how great is that?

I sincerely wish all of you, dear readers, a positive, happy, healthy and successful 2024, filled with confidence, love, kindness and gratitude. And… thank you for all of your love and support in 2023, I certainly have appreciated it.

Here's to a bright 2024! Cheers! Lise

*photo courtesy of kosiantyn li on unsplash



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