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Arriving Soon...

Tropical romantic fantasy of adventure and self-discovery set in the beautiful tropical paradise of the Hawaiian islands...will be available soon...


I am nearing the full completion of my novel, Tropical Transformation, and when I reach this stage I experience that wonderful, excited feeling in my gut, and a smile upon my face, because I'm realizing that I am nearing my destination, for my novel is almost done.

Yes, I still have to run through at least one more edit...and yes, I still have to compile and prep the inside and covering matter for publication, and yes, the journey will only be starting for the spreading of the good news, that is, the launch and the marketing of my book. But I am still excited as to what I have accomplished and where I am now...the story is written, and I'm delighted with my characters, my storyline and the details.

This one has been interesting to write, because it is not only a romance, but a fantasy romance, and there are many elements and ideas that have to be formed and presented in such a way as to be perceived as believable to you, my dear readers. When an author carries a reader off and into a Harry Potter adventure, or into a futuristic Star Wars journey, everything has to be believable to keep you, the reader, curiously and enjoyably committed, and the storylines plausible and engaging.

Bringing my childhood fascination with mermaids into this story has been a blast! Still riding on the 'high' from publishing my youth fantasy book, Love, Magic and Mermaids, I am still finding myself fascinated and allured by all things mermaid culture. Unlike that last one, written for a younger audience, I really wanted to do this one as a adult romance, a good "beach read," so to speak.

When doing all the research on the world-wide interest and possible explanations of the existence of mermaids, I spent hours and hours lost in some very interesting reading.

Coupled with the fact that I adore Hawaii, (even though I have not been able to return there for years), I spent a lot of time researching both a place that I loved and the mythical creature culture that is prevalent there. Mermaids are a part of an experience you can find in Hawaii, through souvenirs, through shows, through tours, and through the stories of mermaid sightings, like the one I mention in my book.

I love that in the space of being a writer and a storyteller I can create wonderful and interesting stories for myself and for others. In doing this, I am grateful to be rewarded with such joy in both the creation and in the sharing of the stories I write. However, writing this book was somewhat challenging here and there, as I dreamed up ways to incorporate a part human/part mythical creature into a believable protagonist. Trying to find ways to believably present certain situations these days is getting harder because our world is evolving and the technology is getting more and more sophisticated every day. I am sure one day we will be able to see and understand every nook and cranny of our planet with the explosion of modern invention and improvements in the science and sensitivity of modern technology.

I hope you will all love my new book, Tropical romantic fantasy of adventure and self-discovery set in the beautiful tropical paradise of the Hawaiian islands.

Stay tuned, it won't be too long now...(I just have to weave its completion within the perimeters of my everyday responsibilities, as we all do...)

Cheers! Lise

*photo courtesy of Biel Morro on unsplash



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