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Another Co-Authoring Project Is About To Be Published!

I am grateful to be part of another community with my writing, Shelly Lynn Hughes pursuit:365 series of books...


I am grateful to be part of another community with my writing, Shelly Lynn Hughes pursuit:365 series of books. It is the third edition of this wonderful collaboration series and the second one that I will personally be featured in.


Ms. Hughes has created a series of books that brings together many people with an inspirational story, and/or message to share with her readers. It is a simple concept, 365 authors writing 365 words on a page in the book to represent 365 days of the year. It is brilliant as a theme, but certainly quite an undertaking for Shelly and her team to coordinate, produce and publish.


pursuit:365 books each have a theme. ** The first one, published in 2021, was a book "co-authored by 365 Canadian women who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness and achievement". The second edition in 2022 was published with the same inspirational story-theme concept, but expanded to include both women and men. In 2023 Ms. Hughes intended for another project in the series to be published, pursuit:365 Business Edition, a world-wide inclusion of business men and women with a story to share. However, it has become a massive undertaking to co-ordinate so many stories with so many incredibly busy and accomplished business people. The publication date has been pushed into 2024 and is expected in mid-February to be up on Amazon. I am delighted to be included in this publication. Although I am a small fish in this big sea, I am very happy to be able to have the opportunity to share my advice and thoughts with such a wide audience amongst this accomplished group of humans. If my message can impact one person, or inspire one person, I will be grateful.


In each book there are some fabulously inspiring people. People that have an inspirational story to share with readers. I will expect nothing less from the upcoming Business Edition, and am excited to see the publication launch so I can get busy delving into the pages. There are some pretty exciting humans involved in this collab.


Stay tuned for an update as to the date of this book launch. Last I heard it might be Tuesday, February 13, 2024 (or thereabouts).


Cheers! Lise

*photo courtesy of the pursuit:365 FB community group photo April 2023

 ** be on the lookout also for pursuit:365's new and upcoming publications, 365 Days of Compassion, and pursuit:365 The Power of Humanity in Youth



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