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The Vacillating Writer

When I wake up excited to dive into my writing world each day, occasionally I can feel somewhat indecisive because I have so many fabulous projects started. Which one should I work on today?


I have to apologize to my dear writing coach because she firmly believes a successful writer should zero in and focus on one project at a time. She has expressed the analogy to our writing community that "one can kick several balls down the field and never reach the goal line, or focus on kicking just one ball all the way down the field to complete that successful goal." I'm so sorry, Melody, I know I am just of those free-floating creatives that is drawn and inspired to go this way and that! A folly of my ways, for sure.

Today I would like to share a poem with you, one that I wrote some time ago, titled, The Vacillating Writer. This poem clearly expresses how I feel some days when I sit down to write. Enjoy...

The Vacillating Writer It cracks me up, When I sit down to write, I’m overwhelmed with possibilities, In my mind there’s a fight. Should I work on the book, Or write something that rhymes? Should I finish that article? Lord, give me a sign! I have so many stories, I’ve written in draft, I need to edit and rewrite, Maybe I should hire some staff? There isn’t enough hours, In each day for me, To get all my writing done, I’m quite overwhelmed, you see. There are fairy tales and poems, I’ve written for kids, And a short story for young adults, With animals and a magic stick. I’ve written a hot, steamy romance, That started at a lake, With excitement and surprises, And a tad of heartbreak. I've written crazy poems for friends, And affirmations on life, I’ve even written a poem, On no longer being a wife. I write about me, I write about messages from my pup, I write on how to do things, And to give myself a pick-me-up. I have pages and pages, Of work that I have written, Work I that have started, And work that needs an opinion. But whatever is the case, I'm pretty sure it is true, I am a vacillating writer, With too much writing to do! By Lise Parton

*photo courtesy of Caroline Feelgood on unsplash

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