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Spring Petals Float By

Updated: May 4, 2022

"in the beauty of this brand, new day I am inspired by the world around it is the white, delicate petals floating by, released from the nearby orchard trees..."

Spring Petals Float By

Spring petals float by,

Resembling snowflakes from the sky,

Drifting upon the morning breezes,

Above an orchard where each tree is.

Delicate, white, blooming bunches,

Hanging on trees like popcorn crunches,

Petals being plucked up in a swirl,

As the gusts sweep through my world.

Delicate, white, tiny petals,

Are just now starting to settle,

On sprinkled spots on the ground,

In my yard and all around.

And I watch from my porch,

Under morning sun that shines like a torch,

As the petals float by,

Bringing delights to my eye.

In this moment I feel blessed,

As I sit here by my nest,

My beautiful, tiny, new space,

In this wonderful country place.

In this land of fruit trees,

Rich with chirpy birds and busy bees,

And sunshine warm and bright,

Shining on the mountains in my sight.

And I’m grateful to start my day,

In this most beautiful way,

Watching those delicate petals float by,

My ‘Spring snowflakes’ in the sky.

By Lise Parton


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