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Spring Is In The Air, But Not In My Step!

“Writing is the way I walk through the world…” (Lise Parton)

Spring Is In The Air, But Not In My Step!

Ahh, at last, it is officially Spring, but, although Spring is in the air, I’ll admit there is no spring in my step this past several days! I might have (yes, I did) misjudged a paved speed bump on a dark night, and managed to injure myself. I’m okay, but it’s been a rather rough ride for several days, and I am certainly a colourful girl, in more ways than one! (And no…no alcohol was involved in the plot of this story!)

This is not a pity-party blog post, because, as I always do, I have been writing my way through it! Yes, I picked myself up emotionally, spiritually and physically, as day by day I have been healing. Now, every morning I wake up, do my healing affirmations, read my self-healing based poems, and get on with my day with a positive attitude and proactive mindset. I have been wonderfully fruitful in my writing, and I am diligently working now to finish a new book to share with all of you.

As an ‘expressive’ writer and a poet, I use my words to help me through many events and experiences in my life, expressing my emotions by writing about both the good, and the not-so-good situations I’m encountering. Therefore, as I pour out my words on multiple pages, I end up with stories, or in this case, a collection of affirmations, poems and prose, that not only assist me, but are pieces that I can then share with you. Hopefully then, I can help you, if you are in need with some sort of healing situation, as was in this case, with me.

“I need to be my own best friend and true lover first…” (Lise Parton)

My developing book contains affirmations, poems and prose all to do with self-healing. It mentions having a focused and healing mindset, a good belief system, asking or getting assistance, treating yourself properly, with getting enough rest, eating nourishing foods, listening to music, and being kind to yourself as you find your patience and wait to heal. Most of the pieces are written with a light and easy poetic rhythm, for ease of use and to make this a more enjoyable read.

The promise then, or goal of the book, which was first inspired and created by my own healing journey, has been written to create something to share with you, for your use. We all manage to get hurt from time to time, with bumps and bruises, or possibly need medical attention and healing for one reason or another, such as with an operation. I am delighted to be able to have written this collection of helpful, self-healing based, and self-focused works for you to use.

“But, when you are alone and no one’s around,

Just know that you have inner resources to use,

Know that you have much power on your own,

To help heal yourself, if that’s what you need to do…”

Excerpt from my poem: Sometimes We Have To Heal Ourselves, that will be part of the new book.

Stay tuned for the release of my new self-help book, YOUR POWER TO HEAL IS REAL. It will be available for sale as an eBook on Amazon soon!

Cheers! Lise



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