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A Successful Launch of Pursuit:365, The Business Edition!

You did it, Shelly! A huge congrats for all your hard work, and your team's hard work, for making the launch of Pursuit:365, The Business Edition, a huge success!


It is an honour and a pleasure to have been included as a co-author in this project. It just goes to show that each of us, as individuals, have something to bring to the table to share by our stories, and by giving our support and advice to others, but as a group...there is a powerhouse of life and business nuggets to find within the pages of one publication. An invaluable gift for the world to read, enjoy, learn and use.


To see this publication soar to the top of the Amazon charts in so many categories is a monstrous boost of confidence, not only, I expect, for Shelly and her team who put it all together, but for each of us as co-authors. Shelly's successes continue to boost so many of us up, and validate our life and business choices through her efforts. She gives us a platform with which to share our individual knowledge and talents and creative gifts.


Thanks again, Shelly! I look so forward to having my hard copy in my hands so I can flip open the pages to read and savour all the anticipated stories in admiration and celebration of so many amazing humans.


Job well done!


Cheers! Lise




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