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My Pungent Brew

I now await my pungent brew, because every morning that's what I do. I've run the water and filled the pot, I've added the coffee into the filtering spot...


Today's share is an excerpt from my book, Tasty Treasures & Edible Pleasures, an eBook available on Amazon. As I quietly sit here writing and sipping my coffee I thought I might share this piece with you out of my book. (and by the way, it is sunny here right now!)

My Pungent Brew

I now await my pungent brew,

Because every morning that’s what I do.

I’ve run the water and filled the pot,

I’ve added the coffee into the filtering spot.

I’ve pressed the blue button on the front of the machine,

And then continued with my morning routine,

I’ve got out my mug and a spoonful of honey,

And I’ve opened the curtains to see if it’s sunny.

I now hear the sound of the hot dripping brew,

I catch a glimpse of it filtering through,

Soon I am happy to see that the coffee is ready,

So I may pour my coffee with a hand that is steady.

And also along with my honey I must add some cream,

Making my hot morning coffee taste like a dream,

I like my coffee doctored simply with cream and some honey,

When I add artificial things my coffee tastes funny.

I will return to my bed as I sip my hot brew,

And write a few pieces, cause that’s what I do.

I am grateful for the quiet start to my day,

Sipping my brew and penning my say.

I can be grateful for the way I start my day,

I feel blessed with the world still shut away,

It is my private time to write and I sip my brew,

To start my day inspired, passionate, and fully renewed.

by Lise Parton

*photo by jen p on unsplash



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