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Morning Surprise

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

"Most mornings here I wake up, and open my eyes, and grin ear to ear, anticipating my surprise..."

Morning Surprise

Most mornings here I wake up,

And open my eyes,

And grin ear to ear,

Anticipating my surprise.

I roll out of bed,

All-be-it, with the ‘slows’,

And work my way over,

To the large set of windows.

I use a long device,

To draw the tall curtains aside,

My surprise awaits me,

The amazing view there outside.

The orchards lay silent,

Naked, in Winter’s chill,

The mountains stand dominant,

Their majesty brings such a thrill.

A soft carpet of white,

Rests on the slopes,

The trees peeking through,

Awaiting Spring with some hopes.

And the sky is now magnificent,

In light whites, grey and pink,

It is just breathtaking,

I find myself think.

Every single day,

I await to see out to my view,

For it is so beautiful,

And here, I share it with you.

I’ll snap a few photos,

And preserve what I see,

To share with you, my friends,

What is a delightful for me.

This area is so beautiful,

And it’s so peaceful outside,

And I love to awake to this daily,

I admit, with a smidgeon of pride.

I had been so afraid,

To move here from far away,

From a world I knew well,

It felt like I’d strayed.

A move to this place,

Was entirely unexpected,

But as I wake up each day here,

I feel entirely connected.

To Mother Earth in her glory,

With this breathtaking view,

To the land, mountains and sky,

Unfolding daily on queue.

And so my day starts,

Wearing a grin without a care,

As I open my curtains,

To reveal what awaits me out there.

And I feel truly blessed,

To awake with this view,

This gift of a day has started,

I pray I have shared it with you.

By Lise Parton


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