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I Watched A Robin

"I watched a robin, in the early morning hours, as he fluttered and landed on the top branch of a tree, liked he was perched upon a tower..."

I Watched A Robin

I watched a robin,

In the early morning hours,

As he fluttered and landed on the top branch of a tree,

Liked he was perched upon a tower.

The branch was bobbling up and down,

Reverberating from his landing weight,

And I noticed as his body bobbed with the branch,

But his head was still perfectly straight.

Then he opened his bright, yellow beak,

And started to sing me a song,

And I sat just listening very intensely,

Enjoying every note he shared, cheerful and strong.

The branch still bobbed and swayed with his weight,

But his head still didn’t bob up and down,

Though he did throw his head back to reach his loudest notes,

And I watched as if…spellbound.

My glorious morning moments on this porch,

With my coffee and writing tools in hand,

As I listen to my beautiful, plentiful birds,

Are a joy as I start my day on this land.

I feel truly blessed in this moment,

As I listen to my chubby robin sing,

For I am in my glory and in heaven here,

And I would not trade this moment in, for anything.

By Lise Parton

(* This poem is from a collection of poems I am writing about the beautiful Okanagan area of BC. I plan to publish a full series of these poems when I have completed my inspired writing about this beautiful part of the country.)


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