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I've Never Yet...

Here's a whimsical poem for you ladies! I hope you enjoy the playfulness of my thoughts...


I've Never Yet...


I've never met another yet,

Who likes to wear a bra;

To tie and bind with comfort in mind,

Is a conundrum and a flaw.


Bras lift the gals and make them pals,

And force them to stay in place,

With metal scraps and elastic straps,

And layers of stretchy lace.


Why do we decide that on life's ride,

We need to bind them up?

Though we certainly care and are aware,

One day we'll wish they were higher up.


More often than not on a day that's hot,

We'd do anything to take bras off,

Because beads of sweat are what we get,

Under the bra and under our tops.


My gals would be free if it was up to me,

Both relaxing side by side,

Or able to dance if they had the chance,

If I shimmy or do the slide.


They would meet the breeze under the trees,

If I was in the great outdoors,

And feel the sun while having fun,

Wearing only sunscreen as they explore.


Yes, I've never met anyone yet,

Who likes to wear a bra,

For extra clothing that ties and binds,

Well, there just should be some kind of law. 


By Lise Parton

*photo courtesy of pablo heimplatz on unsplash




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