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I'm Still Editing!

It is a beautiful morning, with a sunrise over the mountains now a little later at 7:15 am this morning. It is a bit blustery, which isn’t unusual for here, with a teensy chill in the air, even though it will still go to the mid-20’s (C) later today...

As I do every morning, I make my cuppa brew and sit down to write. It is my special and most creative time of day. It is all I can do to get semi-dressed, do a couple of affirmations and move around and out the kinks from a night’s rest, because I just want to dive into my writing process! I love it!

I am completely immersed in my current book draft, my adult romance/fantasy novel. Currently, I am on my second go-around in the editing process, with 10 more chapters to go out of the 42 in total. (I will do a third edit, at least.)

I am really enjoying my own story, is that weird? I am going to be a little lost when I finish it, I can tell you. It is a little like raising a child and preparing them for life, and then when they are ready, they leave the nest. I got let-down when I finished the first draft, but, as I am back in it on the second full go-around and am right into my story and my characters. When I fully complete it, I know will mope a little, even if I am certainly celebrating its launch into the world.

It has been a busy month for activities and so I have been and will be stepping back from time to time from editing, which really irks me when I’m so committed and fully into my work. I think though, it is healthy to step back from time to time, to let my mind chill and settle down. Then I get a fresh start and a new perspective on another go-around of editing.

I will fully admit I love creating a story more than editing it, but all of it is part of the process, and I do feel great on each segment completion during the process.

It feels good to be writing a novel after writing poetry, specifically a lot of rhyming poetry, for most of the past 4 years. My poems that were forming in my head got me through the times and stresses of COVID and of having to relocate and move because of redevelopment in the area where I was living. Both were huge stresses and hard to experience. The rhythmic words in forming poems was like finding a grounding and orderly presence in my times of stress. Maybe that’s only my perspective, but being fully immersed in poetry creation therapeutically worked for me. I love writing poems, but I was writing so many of them that I would catch myself starting to talk in rhymes sometimes, which was pretty funny. (I would even compose poetry in my sleep and wake up groggy to write them down.)

Now I am working on my new novel, a spin-off idea after completing my book Love, Magic & Mermaids about 3 months ago. That book is a youth fantasy novel that I was inspired to write because of some delightful young neighbours I had, and a good friend, who has the spirit I of a mermaid, not unlike myself, a self-proclaimed lover of mermaids, mostly as a youngster. (Love, Magic & Mermaids is currently available as an eBook on Amazon. This link is on My Bookshelf page.)

I was in that ‘mermaid head space’, and so an idea started to brew to write an adult fantasy/romance with a mermaid twist, giving birth to Tropical Transformation.

This novel will be available on Amazon as an eBook as soon as I feel I am ready to launch it, once fully edited and complete. It is a great story, and a perfect ‘beach read’…just saying!

Look for Tropical Transformation on Amazon soon…

Cheers! Lise



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