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I'm Part Elf

I’m the first one to admit that I am part elf. I love the Christmas season with all the decorations and lights, the rom-com (romance-comedy) Christmas movies and eggnog lattes. I love to eat gingerbread or sugar cookies and I love a decorated tree in my house!


Even as I am not getting any younger, and even though fewer friends and family come to my home these days, I still decorate my home room by room for Christmas for myself and I love it!

I have pared down the amount of decorations I put up that involve ladders and boughs and outdoor lights now, it is just harder to accomplish these days with the snow, but I make up for this inside, where I festively decorate to welcome in the holiday season. Not every decoration comes out every year, and sometimes I craft or make new things, so my decor ‘freshens’ a little year by year. If I wasn’t aging, or had more humans in my home, I’d do more, but generally, I’m very happy with the way my home looks this year! I even put a second, small white tree with tiny lights and minimal, but cheerful decorations in my bedroom, and I love it. I turn it on in the mornings if I remain in bed to write, or late at night as I read. I also hung clear icicle lights over the head of my bed, and I love them!

And what does an elf do for fun in the quiet moments when not doing Christmas cards, baking bread, making cookies or watching Christmas rom-com movies? Well, this writer/elf is writing her own Christmas story. Yes, because I can!

I’m having a blast weaving a new story. I’m 11 chapters in currently, and am having a lot of fun writing. Not to give it away, but this story may involve a lost woman with amnesia, an elf, Kris Kringle, a small town and lots of good cheer.

I write when inspiration strikes me, and several poems have surfaced lately, too. However, this new Christmas-themed writing project is a lot of fun to do on cold, snowy days here at home, and over the holiday season and I am loving every minute of it!

Who knows if this tale will ever see the light of day, but after all, not everything we do is about the destination. Sometimes it is all about the journey, and I am on a delightful journey writing this Christmas tale, and am very grateful!

Cheers! Lise

*photo by ilona veres on Unsplash



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