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Get Up And Move

A Poem from my upcoming book: Your Power To Heal Is Real, which I wrote as support for a friend, who is currently working to recover from a knee surgery.

Get Up And Move

Sometimes when we have been hurt,

And we need extra care and rest,

At some point down the line,

We have to get moving to return to our best.

We have to get up and move forward,

Maybe it will be very slow at first,

It may take time and it needs to be gentle,

We might even have to be guided or coerced.

Baby steps might be the way,

That we start getting up and out,

With appropriate physical therapy,

As we start to move out and about.

If we have had an accident,

Or an operation and are laying down,

There will be a point in the near future,

We must rise and start to get around.

We must put one foot in front of the other,

Work through what has set us back,

Keep focused and positive and moving,

To get our full health and movement back.

Exercise and moving around,

Is something we need to do as we heal,

It’s an important step in our healing process,

And it’s impact and power is real.

So put on your big girl panties,

Or fasten your britches up, if you are a man,

And start to get into the frame of mind,

That gets you up to stand.

Minute by minute and day by day,

You will surely improve,

As you get back to be fully healed,

And to be getting back into your groove.

By Lise Parton


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