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Forgive Me For Being So Quiet...

I have had to step back from so many things for a while...and one of those things became this website and my blog...

I have had to step back from so many things for a while...and one of those things became this website and my blog. For one thing, I have spent a lot of time in the hospital and chose not to bring in my computer, and so I just stepped back to be quietly healing.

I do not want to do a "Pit Party" post, I just want to say that there have been no recent posts, not because I was ignoring you, or being lackadaisical, but because I had just stepped back for a please forgive me.

This is not to say I have stopped writing. Initially, I did have to take a few days to just survive, but after that, like in every challange I face, I picked up my device and started writing. Writing is always how I walk through my world, and many times in my life I write just to express myself and keep going...for whatever reason.

When faced with life's tough stuff I know I will always have my writing to help and support me, and this time was no different. I picked up my iPad and away I went. Firstly, I started writing poetry about how my life tragically took a turn. I wrote to explain my way through the feelings and the events, and then...I wrote with a touch of humour, where I could, to bring my own spirits up.

I also wrote for the nurses, and I wrote a poem for a nurse's young son, who was devastated that his mom had worked another double shift. Sometimes the doctors and nurses are Superheroes, in my opinion, and I was able to use my writing to cheer up this one young lad by explaining how much his mom was a Superhero. I wrote the poem out by hand and left it at the hospital for the nurse mom because the shifts change every day and I was discharged before I saw her again.

Lately, I have returned to a developing Christmas story, which I have been writing every year just before Chistmas for the past 3 years. Currently, I am starting Chapter 20, and I am delighted how the story is unfolding. I won't tell you much about it, but...I can will be so much fun and full of Christmas spirit when I finish it. It has a touch of mystery, a hint of romance, a dose of goodwill, and a generous sprinkle of magic. This story also has a possibility of becoming a series, should I decide to go that route later on.

I am feeling totally blessed lately because of one of my own books, (available as an eBook on Amazon), Your Power To Heal Is Real. As I found myself needing healing affirmations, meditations and support, I read my own book every day and repeated my own healing affirmations while I was in the hospital. I am still doing that at home, and am so grateful for my own creativity, that not only has helped others through some sort of healing crisis, but is now helping me.

I am on the mend, and I am grateful, but many things about my world are different now... although one thing has not joy of writing and the sharing of my writing with you.

Thank you for all your support, and stay tuned for more stories and poems from me in the future.

Cheers! Lise

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