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Exquisite Surprise!

I threw back the curtains,

And adjusted my eyes,

And what I was viewing,

Was an exquisite surprise!

I have been living the past couple of years in a new area, no longer as a big city dweller, but out in the country, and I love the way Mother Nature is front and centre with her gifts here. The scenery is often breathtaking with all the landscapes and the interaction with the weather, even on less than sunny and warm days!

A few days ago, I woke up to discover the most beautiful winter scenes outside. It was a weather event that was quite spectacular to see, and it is referred to as 'rime icing'. At first, mostly because I was not understanding the difference, I thought it was a hoar frost, something I am familiar with common in the city where I'm from. I had not really heard of rime ice, but did learn that was what had happened in the night. It was on the internet and splashed all over the news reports explaining what it was, and the differences, and that the rime ice was created as a result of the low fog banks we'd been experiencing. (I guess this gal is still learning new things.)

As a writer, I am easily inspired by Mother Nature providing beautiful sights for me, and so, I wrote this poem, Exquisite Surprise! I am delighted to share it with you...

Exquisite Surprise!

I threw back the curtains,

And adjusted my eyes,

And what I was viewing,

Was an exquisite surprise!

Some call it rime ice,

Some call it hoar frost,

I immediately grabbed my camera,

So this image wouldn’t be lost.

Everything was in white,

As far as I could see,

Every inch glittering ice crystals,

Like some fairyland fantasy.

From trees branches to leaves,

And on every blade of grass,

I saw this white sparkling ice,

I wondered how long it would last?

I gazed out my window all morning,

And then went out to see it all,

I snapped this image and that,

Because I was delightfully enthralled.

It was truly one of the most,

Beautiful things I’ve seen,

This white, frosty ice,

That is the stuff made of dreams.

It was a winter land amazement,

I won’t soon forget,

And the pictures I took,

I shared on the net.

Others took some too,

From all around this land,

And each one was spectacular,

Each one was grand.

Those frosty, ice crystals,

Remained most of the day,

It only warmed up ever so slightly,

And melted some parts away.

But I can still smile,

For it was a breathtaking way,

To open my eyes here,

And start my new day!

By Lise Parton

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