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Book Launch! Pursuit:365-The Business Edition. It's Happening February 27, 2024!

I am thrilled to be a co-author in this amazing collaboration with 364 other amazing world-wide entrepreneurs. In this edition, Founder, Shelly Lynn Hughes has brought together a group of exceptional humans who share their business stories and invaluable advice.

Featuring an esteemed group of co-authors including the likes of Jim Pattison, Dr. Ann Kaplan, Bif Naked, Brian Cuban, Brian Jessel, Peter Karroll, Aaron Pritchett, Chief Clarence Louie, Austin Zelan, Mark Hayes, along with little ol' me! This book is a powerhouse of entrepreneurial wisdom.


A big shout out to Shelly Lynn Hughes and her team for all the planning, hard work, and coordinating of this amazing project. I am certainly looking forward to the launch on February 27th! I can wait to read all about these incredible humans, and be gifted with all the information they are sharing!


Be part of the launch experience,



...or head on over to Amazon to get a copy hot off the press!


Cheers! Lise



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