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A New First Draft Completed!

"A tale of romance and unexpected self-discovery in Hawaii...what is real and what is folklore?"


Hello everyone! I sincerely hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are.

I stepped out for a time to live in my creative world. I am very grateful that I have so many inspired moments. I don’t think I can thank the lucky stars that I am some wildly inspired and talented writer, because I’m not. What I am is a person who loves to write, getting lost in weaving my stories and hiding in place to dance with approaching rhythmic words to write a poem.

Recently, I got an idea to write a story, and I will readily admit I was still feeling the mermaid thing after publishing Love, Magic & Mermaids, a youth fantasy novella. So, while I was still in that headspace, I gave birth to another story involving love, magic and mermaids, but this time it is an adult fantasy/romance/beach read, of sorts, because…well, why not?

On Jun 4th this year, just about two months ago, I started writing my story, and on July 23rd, exactly 7 weeks to the day later, I finished it, and I’m ecstatic! 58,400 words later and she is written! Whahoo! Next comes the tough stuff, the editing, the reworking, the facts checking, and the trimming. (I do have a problem with trimming, because sometimes I don’t cut, I add, yes, that is a problem for me). All my writing peers and my writing coach suggest an editor, and beta readers. I am the worse for being stubborn and self-reliant. I pride myself on doing it all, probably to the detriment of my work maybe. But, c’est la vie!

I do have some parts read to others, or I get peeps to critique on parts, but I am primarily the whole team, and that’s just the way I roll.

I am proud of my work, currently having published a dozen eBooks on Amazon and one on iBooks. (with this one and a few others in the wings).

Please forgive me if I have neglected frequent posts, having been writing my little fingers off with this new book the past 7 weeks. I’m averaging in the neighbourhood of 1200 words a day and that takes a lot of time, although I am truly in my bliss and very happy when I am inspired and fully writing.

Stayed tuned for this one, it is a good read. The story is based in Hawaii, and that was so much fun, doing all the research about all things Hawaiian, plus dusting off the cobwebs from my own past trips from many years ago now. I loved getting lost in the Hawaiian culture, language and topography. I also felt, as I was writing the story, that I, too, was sitting on that patio sipping a tall bevie in the warm, tropical, fragrant breezes, or sailing around the islands finding my way to snorkelling and other underwater activities.

The main character in my story discovers a big secret bout her heritage, and she had never had any idea about it. Turns out my character, Leah, is a hybrid. Not to spoil too much of the story but, she also meets up with a deliciously handsome man, Jonathon.

So if you believe in rediscovery and romance, magical mermaids, want the experience and feel of swimming somewhere in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, and more, then this story is for you…

Stay tuned for Tropical Transformation to be released sometime in the future.

Cheers! Lise

*Photo credit is briona baker gratefully supplied through Unsplash



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