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Stories Behind The Stories, There's A Loon On The Lake

"There's a loon on the lake, his name is 'Jack', Leona his friend asked him, why would you be named that?"

This delightful, short, rhyming story in poetry is about a Common Loon, a unique bird that holds a special place in my heart, enjoyed all the years I spent at the lake. The beautiful lake property, with my little off-grid, one-room cabin, was nestled amongst the lush forests of BC’s Westcoast. Every summer I felt at home the minute I heard my beloved loons call. I loved the early morning calls, that felt like a was being greeted to start the day, and what would each evening be without the almost eerie calls of the loons at dusk and sometimes into the darkness of night? Did you know the Common Loon has four different types of calls?

This story is about a loon named ‘Jack’, and his friend, Leona, wanted to know why he was named that. I created and wrote this little rhyme as a playful children’s story, and the magic for me, was that I digitally drew all the illustrations from the actual land and area around my cabin. I painstakingly converted my beloved lake spot from photographs to hand drawn and coloured digital illustrations. It was quite a learning curve as I was just teaching myself how to draw digitally, and took me so much longer that it probably should have. However, forever I will have this cute little rhyming story with my beloved lake view and area preserved in this book. I am so grateful.

Find my eBook, There’s A Loon On The Lake, on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy it! It’s a wonderful little story, that is more fun when it is read out loud to the little ones!

Cheers! Lise



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