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Every Minute Of Every Day

"I believe we have the power to help ourselves with a positive and proactive mindset as we travel on our healing journey..."

Here is a poem share from my upcoming book, Your Power To Heal Is Real, available shortly as an eBook on Amazon.

Every Minute of Every Day

Every minute of every day,

Every hour in its own way,

My body is healing and getting well,

Energy to molecule, cell by cell.

I have the power to manifest and heal,

My perfect energy and capabilities real,

What needs to be done to get back to health,

It the magic and science of our body’s wealth.

As I sit and wait for time to tick,

To get moving again and get back to it,

I know I have this immediate power,

Like the pillars of strength that hold the tower.

I manifest now the healing I need,

In each moment my body is freed,

From the illness or injury that has me laid up,

So soon I will be on my feet back up.

By Lise Parton


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