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Born From Your Heart

I deeply love my children, both created from a special place in my heart...


I wrote this poem to express how wonderful it is to create a tiny new human. I was blessed to create two. They certainly enrich and change your world in so many ways. Unfortunately, my life has left me without one of my children and every day I am heartbroken. My thoughts have inspired me to write this piece...

Born From Your Heart


They emerge from your body,

Brand new to your world,

All tiny and helpless,

Arms flailing, digits curled.


And you look in amazement,

With such wonder and love,

Knowing this tiny new creature,

Fits your heart like a glove.


For he is not only born,

From your body's physical parts,

This tiny new human's born,

From a special place in your heart.


You will hold him and cherish him.

You will love this baby for life,

No matter what happens,

Or if you're no longer a wife.


You will love this child as it grows,

And you will guide him along,

You will read him your stories,

And you will sing him your songs.


You will cherish the memories,

With each passing year,

Though he has left now,

Leaving deep sorrow and tears.


But you can still be grateful,

For the moments you had,

For the hugs and the kisses,

With the good times and the bad.


You will cherish memories of smiles,

When he looked up at your face,

And you will accept that you lost him,

With gratitude and grace.


For a child is not born,

From only your physical parts,

A child is always born,

From a special place in your heart.


By Lise Parton

*photo courtesy of hollie santos on unsplash


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