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A Full Moon is Bringing Something Magical...

Mysterious and wonderful things can happen on a full moon...


When a full moon is happening so many mysterious things are possible. As my long-awaited latest novel has an important full moon element to it, I thought it only fitting to release my eBook on Amazon on August 1st, 2023, during this current full moon.

I appreciate all of your patience, dear readers, as you have been kindly waiting to have my latest writing project finally finished. I cannot believe that is has taken me a full year to get it fully edited and have it completed after my very long and pleasurable journey in writing it.

I hope you download my fantasy romance, TROPICAL TRANSFORMATION, and get lost in the pleasures of my character, Leah's, self-discovery... with the wild adventures and steamy new romance she finds. Coined as a wonderful 'beach read', I hope my story will put a smile on your face as I whisk you away to Hawaii to soak up some delicious adventures in a tropical paradise.

Cheers! Lise

*photo by the author



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